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For TWO successive years panels of leading Wedding industry experts - including style gurus from John Lewis, M & S, Coast, Debenhams, and a group of engaged couples - voted us into two Grand Finals categories!

"WOW Factor" and "Most Stylish Arrival"


Now you too can enjoy the fun and experience the ultimate roadtrip!  

5 Trooper Twins At Whitstable
New York Police Department (NYPD) Our Texas State Troopers
Trooperweb NYweb

We can offer you 3 genuine ex US cop cars



Amaze everyone in one of these totally genuine and modern US ‘Interceptors’.
Each car is the real deal, having served at least 2 years on 'Mean Streets' USA. 

Close Encounters front 2 med resRed fluffy handcuffs

Hazels Wedding Car lights - med res

Ms Pammy Gets Her Man

We'll arrive with lights blazing and sirens blaring! 

Our uniformed Officers/drivers will demand that the felons
"Come Out With Yer Hands Up"

    Then we'll handcuff 'em and bend 'em over the hood,
just like in the movies!

We can play your choice of sounds/music from your mp3/iPod/cd/usb through our deafening Public Address systems!

 It all makes for great memories and some hilarious video! 


 We also offer completely genuine ex New York City cabs! 


NYC Cab at Charing 1

Only 5 years old

Over 18 feet long and powered by a silky smooth
4.6 Litre engine, these beauties ran over 200,000 miles
on the streets of the Big Apple.

A completely surreal sight on the streets of the UK,
100% authentic with original NYC cab meters
and rear passenger partitions.

PLUS  a unique feature we have added to both cabs -
Cop car music and Public Address systems!
 So your driver can announce your arrival
and broadcast your choice of music en route! 


NYC Cab Roof Ad - Personalised 2

We can also customise the distinctive "Toblerone"
roof-mounted advertising signs to show
pictures of the happy couple.

 NB - these iconic vehicles display some minor scuffs
and dinks - indeed they're part of their character.

 We also offer attractive discounts for the ultimate
pairing of our NY cabs or a cab with our NYPD cop car!


Our prices are a steal - so contact us for a Quote  

Did you see BBC TV's 'Fake Britain' or 'Watchdog' exposés of angry people let down by either unsafe vehicles or unscrupulous Limo brokers for their special events?

Book with us direct at USA Cop Cars Ltd and you're cutting out the middlemen, so -
'Don't Book The Crooks - Book The Cops!"

Trooper Twins At Whitstable 4

We have
2 b & w Texas State Trooper cars,
2 identical NYC cabs &
A  New York Police Dept car

 So we have the back-up available for any emergency! 

Who else can offer such cover?
t said - our oldest cop car is only 5 years old,
and all 
are serviced and maintained to the highest standards

  A huge choice of coloured ribbons/bows for your special day - even 'DO NOT CROSS' or 'CRIME SCENE '  ribbons like these!

NYdo Ribbons selection med-res Eagle Is Landing
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NYC Cab at Hythe
Wedding - Sircar - Higham 2   2014-08-30 Stratford Wedding - Ashford b   Findon Wedding
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