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From a conversation in a Florida Park in 2009,
USA Cop Cars Ltd has grown into a
unique and successful business


 The ONLY commercial importer in Europe
of iconic American
'Police Interceptors' and yellow cabs


Supplying vehicles for:-


Private Hire Rentals in UK & Europe
(including Weddings, Proms, Parties, Stags/Hens,
Airport Runs etc) 

"Why Accept Ordinary, When You can Have Extraordinary!"  

Hazels Wedding Car lights - med res


Business Rentals in UK & Europe
(including Marketing Campaigns
  and Promo/Publicity Appearances)

Promoting The Irish National Lottery in Dublin  

 Dublin Lottery Big Money Game Launch 5 med res


Film/TV/Music Video & Game Rentals
in UK & Europe

Filming for Dicovery TV Channel in the Midlands  

Finedon Nght Shoot



Sales in Mainland Europe & The Middle East

One of our sales - a CA Hwy Patrol car in Romania  

 Romania CHP in city med res
























When husband and wife team Lindsay ('Boss Hogg') & Pam ('Ms Pammy') decided to start a new business in 2009,  little did they know where it would lead.

With backgrounds in import/export and bookkeeping respectively, and lucky enough to also have a base in the U S of A, they considered all sorts of options.
The only conditions - the business pay the bills and be interesting and fun too.

To cut a very long story short, after investigating various ideas, they settled on the idea of importing American cop cars to re-sell in Europe
(rumours that this decision was made whilst under the influence of alcohol are - they still maintain - untrue!)

After spending a year researching the details with every organisation and authority at which you can poke a stick, they decided to take the plunge and buy their first two cars. That was when they faced their toughest (and most unexpected) challenge to date, when they discovered just how difficult it is to source and buy these amazing vehicles in 'as new' condition and complete with all the genuine American law enforcement 'bells & whistles'.

Container Arrives UK - 2010 To cut an even longer story short, and after several more months of hard work and luck, the first 40' shipping container with two cars and spare parts arrived in the UK in 2010.

Three years on, and they will be the first to admit that the business is diversifying into unexpected directions (see above).

Check out their Timeline on Facebook (@usacopcars) for photos of some of the amazing events they have been involved with, including travels all around Europe, visits on Pace & Safety Car duties to most of the premier British racing circuits, appearances on BBC1 TV and radio, as well as working with the British cops as far apart as Lancashire and Hampshire!

Add to that several hundred Weddings, Proms, Parties and other Private Hire duties taking them from Belfast to Bridlington and Dublin to Dover and you'll realise why the next step in the expansion of their business is to franchise
USA Cop Cars & Cabs around the UK!

Here are some video highlights from the Story So Far:- 

BBC1 TV couldn't wait to meet Boss & Ms Pammy to 
learn more about their new business back in July 2011.

The only problem was that the Showroom wasn't due
to open for another 4 months!

Check out the background - those flags and carefully chosen camera angles hide what was - only 2 days previously - a fitted kitchen Showroom!
September 2012 - our NYPD cop car opened
the Chelsea Autolegends Car Show for 10,000
visitors by leading 40 Supercars in from Battersea Park
(We appear at 1'44")
'I Fought The Law'
plays from our P.A.
as the convoy enters!
Count how many Veyrons, Ferraris, Lambos,
Astons followed us into the Show
A convoy of cars conservatively valued at
well in excess of £25,000,000! 

Don't forget y'all - lots more pics and video to be seen on Facebook @usacopcars





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